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Groom shot in the penis by friend during bachelor party

By Emily Lewis 7:04 AM November 9, 2017
Groom (illustration)

A party, which was supposed to be a fun celebration and the start of a new life for a groom, ended in horror when the groom was shot.

According to Stepfeed, the groom, 28-year-old Osman Al-A. of Egypt, is in serious condition after he was accidentally shot in the private parts during his bachelor party.

Police were called to Sinblawin Hospital, where the groom was being treated.

Police announced that after investigating the incident, they have arrested the man who was responsible for shooting the groom.

The suspect was at the bachelor party that was held the night before the wedding. At some point, he pulled out his gun and fired customary celebratory shots.

One bullet hit the groom, causing the injuries.

The groom from Zafar village in Tami al-Amadid suffered injuries to his penis, thigh, and hand.