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High school installs video cameras in students’ bathrooms to keep them safe

By William Martin 1:46 PM November 6, 2017
Surveillance camera (illustration)

(Scroll down for video) Parents in Colorado, are very angry after learning that school officials installed videos cameras in bathrooms, and claiming that this will keep students safe.

Rebecca Teeples, who is the executive director of the Windsor Charter Academy said that it was always her intention to install the security surveillance cameras everywhere in the school in order for students to feel safe.

However, parents claim that video cameras in the bathrooms violate their kids’ privacy.

Parents are concerned about who might watching the cameras when the teenagers change their clothes for sports outside of the stalls.

Trevor Garrett has three kids at the school, and he said that placing video cameras in the bathrooms is disgusting.

Garrett believes that the school should not sacrifice safety for privacy.

Jonah Oldright, who is a student in the 9th grade, said that the cameras in the bathrooms are stupid.

Oldright said that someone came into class and made an announcement about the cameras being in the bathrooms.

School officials promised that nobody will be looking at the cameras and the footage will only be checked in case something happens.