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Husband of Christian school principal commits suicide after being arrested for molesting boys in his wife’s care

By William Martin 5:17 AM November 28, 2017
Bruce McAllister

A woman lost her job and her husband after he committed suicide following an accusation of molesting children who were left in her care.

68-year-old Bruce McAllister of Hernando County, Florida, who was facing multiple sex crimes charges, committed suicide while he was out on $77,000 bond.

He was the husband of former Hernando Christian Academy director Kathy McAllister.

Bruce was accused of molesting several teens from Europe in the school-sponsored foreign exchange program.

Those students were staying with the couple at their home.

According to the school’s attorney, Deborah Hogan, Bruce was “a volunteer assisting in the physical therapy training of athletes.”

Bruce, who had claimed he was an expert in sports medicine, was accused of molesting students while promising to make them football stars.

The Brooksville Police Department said that they were alerted by the West Palm Beach Police Department who found Bruce at the base of a parking garage in West Palm Beach.

West Palm Beach police Sgt. David LaFont said Bruce, who was identified by his driver’s license, “appeared to have jumped from the parking garage and died.”

Bruce also volunteered with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office but was dismissed after he was arrested for sexually assaulting at least two 17-year-old European exchange students.

Police said that the couple had been hosting students for many years and they believed that there are more victims.