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Husband who held wife hostage for 6 years raped her and had 4 kids after meeting on Muslim dating website

By Mason White 1:35 PM November 14, 2017

An abused wife was rescued by police after being held hostage by her husband for several years, according to police in Russia.

Moscow police said that they have launched an investigation after the 25-year-old woman claimed that her husband, Rinat Bilyanov, held her hostage in a tiny apartment for 6 years.

Bilyanov is facing charges of kidnapping, assault, and extortion.

He faces up to 7 years in prison.

The woman who was identified as Lilia told investigators that she first met Bilyanov on a Muslim dating website.

She went out with Bilyanov several times before she agreed to marry him.

After they got married, Bilyanov demanded that Lilia’s parents give him $3.2 million in exchange for her freedom.

Bilyanov kept Lilia locked in the apartment and bordered up all the windows.

The husband regularly beat her.

He raped Lilia nearly every day and they had four children.

Bilyanov told his kids to beat their mother because she was a bad woman.

When Bilyanov took the kids outside, he left the woman locked up inside the home.

After 6 years of abuse, Bilyanov accidentally left his cell phone at home when he left.

Lilia quickly called the police who rescued her and the 4 children.

The woman and her children were placed in a shelter.

Lilia took photos of her severely bruised body and published them on the Internet.