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Husband slaps wife’s face because she tried to spread cream cheese on his bagel

By Mason White 12:39 PM November 29, 2017
Bagel and cream cheese (illustration)

A husband flew into a rage after his wife wanted to put cream cheese on his bagel, according to police in Florida.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office said that they have arrested the husband, who was not identified, after being accused of slapping his wife on her face.

The husband has been charged with one count of battery domestic violence.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded on Thursday morning.

The woman told police that after preparing bagels for breakfast, she tried to spread cream cheese on them.

Her husband then grabbed a bagel and told her that he wished to eat it plain without any cream cheese.

The husband then stormed out of the house.

The husband told police that he wanted to eat his plain bagel in peace but his wife followed him outside with their dog.

He then slapped her face and threw cream cheese on her because she did not let him be alone to cool off.

Police officers saw a red mark on the wife’s face and cream cheese in her hair.