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Illegal immigrant kidnaps baby and tell boyfriend child is theirs

By Alexis Bell 1:24 PM November 8, 2017
Wendy Hernandez

An illegal immigrant hatched a plan to kidnap a baby, and tell her boyfriend and family that he was her child, according to police in Texas.

Fort Worth police said that 35-year-old Wendy Hernandez admitted to babysitting for a family for several months before stealing the boy for herself.

Hernandez appeared before U.S. District Judge Terry Means and she pleaded guilty to kidnapping.

She faces up to life in prison.

Since Hernandez is an illegal immigrant, she will be deported after her stint in prison.

According to the police investigation, Hernandez babysat the child of Ana Lilian Escobar for several months.

Escobar developed a relationship with the babysitter and considered her a close friend.

One day, Hernandez asked whether she would be able to take the boy, Jeremias Portillo, to her aunt in Plano.

Escobar agreed and Hernandez promised to be back later in the evening.

At night, Hernandez called to say that there were strong thunderstorms and she was afraid to drive back to Fort Worth.

She asked the mother for permission to stay with the boy overnight in Plano.

Escobar reluctantly agreed.

In the morning, Escobar tried calling Hernandez but she did not answer her phone.

The mother immediately called the police.

Police went to the home of Hernandez’s aunt but she and the boy were not there.

While questioning the aunt, police learned that Hernandez really fled to Little Rock, Arkansas, with the boy.

Hernandez went back to her former boyfriend and told him that Portillo was their child.

The boyfriend believed her and agreed to live as a family.