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Illegal immigrant raped 15-year-old girl and got her pregnant so he can have a child and become a legal U.S. citizen

By Tanya Clark 6:37 AM November 16, 2017
Horacio Alvarado

An illegal immigrant was arrested for getting a girl pregnant so that he could become a citizen of the United States.

32-year-old Horacio Alvarado, who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, wanted an “anchor baby” believing that this will help him get U.S. citizenship.

Alvarado believed that if he could prove that he was the father of a U.S. citizen then he would be allowed to stay in the country.

However, the paternity test finally resulted in his arrest because the child’s mother was his stepdaughter and she was just 15-years-old when she gave birth to her healthy baby boy, according to a criminal complaint.

At some point, the girl told her mother that Alvarado was the father of her baby. Court records show that he took a paternity test, which proved that he was the father.

Earlier this year, there was a dispute between the victim and Alvarado regarding custody of their child.

According to court records, Alvarado received primary custody and the child’s mother was granted visitation rights.

It was only after the court ruling that the victim filed a complaint with police.

Her mother and stepfather were then arrested.

The victim told police that Alvarado raped her on average of three times a week for a few years when her mother was at work or late at night when her mother was asleep.

Alvarado was charged with first-degree sexual assault resulting in pregnancy, repeated sexual assault of a child, and incest. He is being held on $20,000 bail

The victim’s mother Linda Alvarado was arrested after the girl told police that her mother walked into the room while she was being raped by her stepfather and did not stop him.

Linda has been charged with misdemeanor child neglect. She was released on $500 bond.