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Inmate freed after severely burning convicted pedophile with bucket of hot water

By Alexis Bell 8:26 AM November 29, 2017
Adam Paul Davidson and Brett Peter Cowan (insert)

An inmate was freed from prison despite severely burning a convicted pedophile with a bucket of hot water.

Adam Paul Davidson, 31, from Queensland, Australia, was in the Woodford Correctional Centre for robbery and fraud.

The father of 4 children borrowed money from a gang to open a tattoo shop. When he did not have money to repay the debt, Davidson robbed a store and made off with $600.

Several days later, Davidson turned himself into police.

While he was serving time in prison, Davidson came in contact with a convicted killer and pedophile, 46-year-old Brett Peter Cowan.

Cowan had been convicted twice of raping children before he was arrested for killing 13-year-old Daniel Morcombe.

Morcombe disappeared near a bus stop in December 2003.

Cowan was arrested almost eight years after the teen’s death. Cowan was found guilty of murder, indecent treatment of a child, and interfering with a corpse.

He was sentenced to life in prison.

Davidson was furious with Cowman over his horrific crimes and wanted him to “feel the pain that his victims felt,” according to court documents.

One day, while Cowan was playing cards with other inmates, Davidson filled up a mop bucket with hot water from an urn and poured it over the Cowan’s head.

Cowan was treated at a hospital for burns to 15 percent of his body and was left with permanent scars.

Davidson told prison officials that he acted alone and that he wanted to give a voice to Cowan’s deceased teenage victim who cannot speak for himself.

Davidson pleaded guilty to injuring Cowan.

District Court Judge Ian Dearden told Davidson at sentencing that every person is entitled to be treated respectfully no matter how appalling their crimes are and that he is not allowed to act as a vigilante.

Davidson was sentenced to three years in prison for burning Cowman but he was freed on parole on time served one month after his conviction.