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Judge tells immigrant mother burning child’s hand is not an acceptable punishment in the United States

By Emily Lewis 7:55 AM November 14, 2017
Miriam Rebolledo

A mother was arrested after she burned her child’s hand as a punishment.

29-year-old Miriam Rebolledo, who is from Colombia and now lives in Florida, placed her 6-year-old son’s hand on top of a hot stove inside her home in Miami-Dade as a form of discipline.

Rebolledo told the police that she had been struggling with her son’s behavioral problems and that she had tried to discipline him with other tactics, but failed to control his bad behavior.

One day, when Rebolledo received a call from her son’s teacher, saying that he hit another student, the mother lost it.

Rebolledo reportedly said that she does not want her son to grow up a criminal or a wife beater so she took an extreme measure to punish him.

The boy had blisters on his hand from the burns. He was removed from his mother’s home and was placed in foster care.

During her court appearance, Judge Ariana Fajardo Orshan told Rebolledo: “Maybe in Colombia, it’s okay to put a child’s hand on the stove, but in the United States it’s not, that’s not proper parenting. That is never a proper way to discipline a child.”

The judge ordered Rebolledo not to have contact with her son and added that the boy is very sad that he has to be in foster care.

Rebolledo is being held on $7,500 bond.