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Man beats wife over the head with shovel because he was jealous over her breastfeeding of their child

By Alexis Bell 1:12 PM November 23, 2017
Breastfeeding (illustration)

A man in Australia pleaded guilty to injuring his wife in a jealous fit of rage.

31-year-old Garrett Juan Daniels of Darwin was drinking when he walked into a room and saw his wife breastfeeding their child.

He became jealous and grabbed a shovel, which he used to beat his wife in the back of her head.

The woman was unable to defend herself as she was holding their baby.

She eventually managed to run out of the room. The woman’s father arrived at the couple’s home and found her bloody. He called a cab in order to take her to a hospital.

However, Darwin refused to let her leave. According to police, he banged on the car door. He then broke the door handle while trying to get into the car.

Darwin then lied down on the road to block the cab from leaving.

The cab driver managed to get away and drove the victim and her father to the Nightcliff Police Station. The woman was taken to a hospital, where she was treated for lacerations to the back of her head.

Daniels was located several hours later. When police arrived, he jumped out of a window in an attempt to avoid being arrested.

Daniels was supposed to be sentenced to this week, but his attorney asked for a lenient sentence, saying that he regrets his actions and that people in the community are going to help him rehabilitate.

Justice Greg Smith said that although he has to send a clear message that domestic violence is unacceptable, he is willing to consider a lesser sentence “if the defense could provide information from Aboriginal elders about how they would rehabilitate him.”

Sentencing was rescheduled for next month.