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Man bit off woman’s nose and fingers after inviting her to his home for a romantic dinner

By William Martin 12:54 PM November 16, 2017
Irina Gonchar and Anatoliy Ezhkov

A woman is lucky to be alive after her romantic dinner date tried choking her to death, according to police in Russia.

Kurgan police said that they have arrested 45-year-old Anatoliy Ezhkov after being accused of biting off pieces of his date’s body during a romantic dinner.

Ezhkov is facing a charge of attempted murder.

He was booked into jail and released on bail.

According to the police investigation, Ezhkov first met 41-year-old Irina Gonchar on a dating website.

One day, Ezhkov invited the woman to his home for a romantic dinner.

Gonchar agreed.

During the dinner, Ezhkov used drugs and drank alcohol.

Ezhkov tied her up and began eating her alive.

He bit off Gonchar’s nose, ears, and fingertips.

He then bit chunks of flesh out of her back.

Gonchar was certain that she was going to die.

Ezhkov continued his attack for 4 hours.

He tried to strangle her but Gonchar’s neck was bloody and he was unable to get a firm grip.

Neighbors called police after hearing screams.

Police officers who arrived at the scene arrested Ezhkov and Gonchar was taken to a hospital, where she is said to be in serious but stable condition.