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Man burns American flags flying outside Florida church

By Tanya Clark 11:11 AM November 23, 2017
Joseph Michael Allegretto

A man was caught on surveillance video burning several American flags that were flying outside a church, according to police in Florida.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office said that they have arrested the man for burning the two American Flags and attempting to set the church on fire.

On Friday, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) deputies were contacted by the pastor of the Congregational Church located at 15421 S Highway 301.

The pastor said that two American flags displayed at the front of the church were found burned.

When the pastor reviewed the church’s surveillance footage, they saw a suspect, later identified as 50-year-old Joseph Michael Allegretto, lighting the flags on fire.

Deputies located Allegretto at a gas station.

Allegretto later admitted to deputies that he set the flags ablaze but denied intent to burn down the church.

Allegretto was charged with criminal mischief.

He was booked into the Marion County Jail.

Pastor Dr. Jim Keough said that the incident left him disturbed because all that was left of the flag were the burned sticks.

An electric box was also found burned.

Keough said that his church will add additional security cameras.