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Man chopped to death after falling into wood chipper while clearing fallen trees from friend’s driveway

By Alexis Bell 1:14 PM November 15, 2017
Bruce Saunders

A man has died while helping a friend clear trees from her driveway, according to police in Australia.

54-year-old Bruce Saunders of Goomboorian went to the woman’s property on Sunday evening to remove the fallen trees from her driveway.

Saunders was accompanied by his two friends who helped with the work, which he agreed to do free of charge.

At around 7:30 p.m., Saunders’ two friends noticed that the wood chipper stopped working.

When the went to inspect the machine, they were horrified to see Saunders inside.

The two desperately tried to pull Saunders out alive but they were unable to do so.

They called for help, but paramedics declared him dead at the scene.

Police officers who arrived at the scene confirmed that Saunders died instantly when he was pulled into the wood chipper.

Police said that the death is not being treated as suspicious as this appears to be a horrible accident.

Police urged the public to be extremely careful when operating heavy machinery.

Officers from the Workplace Health and Safety arrived at the scene to investigate whether the wood chipper was used in an unsafe manner.