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Man finds dead frog floating in his Waffle House cup after taking several sips of water

By Tanya Clark 12:22 PM November 21, 2017
Claire Sheats with her husband (R) and frog in water cup

A man in Florida was shocked to find a dead frog floating in his cup of water after taking several sips, according to a business review on Google.

Claire Sheats of Tallahassee said that on Thursday, she and her husband went to the Waffle House located at 3090 Walden Road for lunch.

While eating, Claire’s husband asked a waitress for a cup of water.

The waitress brought the cup of water and her husband took several sips before noticing something strange.

He looked into the cup and was horrified to see a dead floating frog in the water.

The couple took a video of the frog floating in the water and quickly left the restaurant.

Claire wrote about her experience on Google.

She also filed complaints with the Waffle House corporate headquarters and the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.