Man hospitalized after eating his wife’s martial arts medal after she broke his trophy during fight

By William Martin 4:33 PM November 2, 2017
The X-ray of the gold medal inside the man

A couple in China, who are both martial arts champions, got rid of each other’s trophies during a fight.

The man said that during fights, they tend to break things in their home.

During their latest argument, the wife grabbed her husband’s trophy and smashed it in anger.

As revenge for her actions, the husband grabbed her gold medal and swallowed it.

However, things did not go well for the man. He soon began having difficulty breathing and he had chest pain.

The husband was taken to a Xi’an hospital, where doctors took X-rays and found the gold metal stuck in his esophagus.

The man underwent surgery and doctors were able to remove the medal.

The man told doctors that he swallowed his wife’s medal as revenge. The man and his wife are martial arts champions. He is a Sanshou champion while his wife is a Taekwondo champion.

Luckily, they only took out their anger on property. As professionals, if they get into a fighting match, one of them may end up dead.