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Man killed wife when she refused to have sex because he was ill and she did not want to be infected with virus

By Emily Lewis 6:47 AM November 20, 2017
Couple (illustration)

A man was arrested for killing his wife after she refused to have sex with him.

35-year-old Sanjiv Kumar of Haryana, India, is accused of killing his wife after she resisted his attempts to have sex.

Kurukshetra University police said that they have arrested Kumar for killing 30-year-old Suman. The couple had two children and were married for over 10 years.

Police said that during an interview, Kumar, who was a painter by profession, said that he asked his wife to have sex with him after midnight but she refused.

Sanjiv confessed that he had wanted to have sex with his wife, but she scolded him for trying to force himself on her. Sanjiv said that he lost his temper and choked her, which caused her death, according to SHO Ramesh Kumar of Kurukshetra University police.

Police said that Sanjiv admitted that his wife did not want to have sex with him because he was ill. Sanjiv had been diagnosed with Dengue Fever, which is a virus caused by ‎mosquitos.

Dengue Fever is not contagious. The disease can only be transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito.