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Man killed woman who wanted to break up with him before taunting her family about “honor killing”

By William Martin 5:26 AM November 17, 2017
Andrea Aburas and Nadine Aburas

A mother in the United Kingdom revealed how a man taunted her family after he killed her daughter.

Andrea Aburas said that her daughter’s killer texted her, saying that she was next and suggested that her son killed his sister in an “honor killing.”

He also made the scene look like 28-year-old Nadine Aburas committed suicide and taunted the family, saying that it was their fault that she was dead.

Forensic psychologist Dr. Ruth Tully said that Sammy Almahri “was getting gratification from sending the text messages to taunt the victim’s family.”

Andrea from Wales, who appeared in the documentary Swipe Right For Murder, said that she encouraged her daughter
Nadine to go on a Muslim dating app to meet a nice man.

The daughter met the man named Sammy Almahri who posed as a millionaire property tycoon, but in reality, he was a taxi driver.

After dating for some time, Almahri took Nadine to a restaurant for dinner before going to a Cardiff hotel, where he asked her to marry him.

The woman turned down the proposal and she informed Almahri that she was breaking up with him.

Almahri became furious and killed Nadina. He fled to Qatar and then on to Tanzania.

After an international police hunt, Almahri was located in Tanzania and was extradited to Britain to face charges.

Almahri was found guilty of murdering Nadine and he was sentenced life in prison with a minimum term of 17 years before he can apply for parole.