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Man kills 5-year-old girl after her mother refused to have sex with him while they were guests at his home

By Alexis Bell 7:22 AM November 12, 2017
Hasan Jeha re-enacts the crime for police

A mother who was being abused by her husband found the courage to leave him together with her young daughter.

Sadly, she and her daughter were killed by a man who offered them a safe place to stay.

One day after she fled from her abusive husband, the bodies of 27-year-old Bismi Sulong and her daughter, 5-year-old Nasarin Mama, were found under a bridge not far from the suspect’s home.

Police in Thailand said that 30-year-old Hasan Jeha of Narathiwat was seen on video arriving with the bodies in a sidecar attached to his motorcycle.

Jeha told detectives that he met Bismi and his daughter who had escaped from their home due to domestic abuse problems.

He invited the mother and daughter to stay at his house for the night and both agreed.

According to Lt. Col. Jeffrey Salaimanakul, Jeha admitted that at around 1:00 a.m., after taking drugs, he became sexually aroused and asked Bismi to have sex with him.

When she refused, he became furious. The suspect said that in a fit of rage, he stabbed Bismi with a knife and beat her. He said that when her daughter woke up, he beat her too.

When the mother and daughter were dead, Jeha threw their bodies under the bridge. Police recovered a bloody knife and other evidence at the home.

Jeha, who police said was an unemployed drug addict, reenacted the crime scene after he was arrested and charged with the two counts of murder.