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Man pleads guilty to placing hidden camera in Starbucks bathroom where he recorded women urinating

By Tanya Clark 5:19 AM November 28, 2017
Antony Dines installing the camera

A man who worked for a well-respected attorney in the United Kingdom was exposed as being a danger to society.

31-year-old Antony Dines of London was arrested after he accidentally recorded himself installing a hidden camera.

Police released the photo of him that was captured on the device and asked people for help in identifying him.

Police said that the photo was taken from a hidden camera that was found by a customer inside a Starbucks bathroom in a commercial building in Vauxhall.

In the photo, Dines was seen placing the camera in the ceiling grate.

According to police, Dines was able to record a lot of activity in the women’s’ restroom to “fulfill his fetish for watching women urinate.”

Detectives said that Dines worked at the New Malden Business Centre, which in the same building where the Starbucks was located.

During their investigation, police found that the suspect had also recorded women using the bathroom of his office. That camera had voice activation, according to police.

Dines pleaded guilty to four counts of voyeurism and he will be sentenced on another date.

A judge granted bail to the first time offender on condition that he does not go in any place with a public bathroom and he cannot be in possession of any recording device.