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Man rapes 6-year-old girl and saves her panties in his home

By William Martin 8:17 AM November 6, 2017
Jack Conklin

A man was jailed for life after he was found in possession of panties that belonged to a young rape victim.

A father in Louisiana, called police after he said he overheard his daughter telling her friend that she was “kissed like a woman” by 61-year-old Jack Conklin, who wanted to marry her.

After interviewing the girl, police learned that she had been sexually abused by Conklin since she was 6-years-old. Police then got a warrant to search his Slidell home.

Detectives confiscated electronic devices from Conklin’s home.
Detectives said they found more than 5,000 pornographic photos of children, including about 2,000 of which were from the victim, on his computer.

Authorities said that some of them were lewd photos of Conklin together with the victim.

They also found a bag of panties that belonged to the victim, locks of hair and dozens of Chuck E. Cheese’s playing cards with children’s faces on them, according to prosecutors.

Conklin was found guilty of aggravated rape of a 6-year-old girl, sexual battery on someone under the age of 13 and production of child pornography.

Judge August Hand sentenced him to life in prison.