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Man stabs his pitbull and leaves knife in its neck as punishment for biting neighbor’s dog

By Tanya Clark 7:52 AM November 7, 2017
Reginald L. Farley

A man was arrested after causing his dog to die by stabbing it in the neck as a punishment for attacking another dog.

Maryland State Police have arrested the man for animal cruelty after an officer was forced to shoot the dog to end it’s suffering caused by the stabbing.

25-year-old Reginald L. Farley II of Cecil County was arrested and charged with two counts of animal cruelty.

According to police, just after 11:00 p.m., an officer was dispatched to the 100 block of Seneca Court on a report of a dog attack.

When the officer arrived, the resident reported that a neighbor’s dog had just attacked her dog.

She said the neighbor took his dog back to his residence.

The complainant’s German Shepherd was injured by the pitbull but is expected to survive.

While the officer was investigating the incident, the sound of a dog yelping was heard coming from the suspect’s home.

The officer went to that location and met the suspect. The officer then asked about the dog’s loud yelping.

Farley told the officer that the dog had been stabbed and was now dead.

Concerned about the welfare of the dog, the officer asked to see it and was taken to the backyard of the home.

The officer found the severely wounded pitbull with a large knife protruding from its neck.

The dog was still alive but was obviously gravely wounded. According to police, the dog was suffering and had little chance of survival.

After obtaining permission from the suspect who owned the dog, the officer used his department-issued pistol to end the pet’s suffering, police said.

During further investigation, the officer learned the suspect had stabbed the dog after returning from the victim’s home where the dog attack unfolded.