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Man turned himself into police for killing his father who had sex change before learning the victim was not his father

By William Martin 7:21 AM November 12, 2017
Joseph Saur

A man was arrested on charges of murder after he told police he killed his transgender father.

Police in Colorado said that 19-year-old Joseph Saur walked into the Olathe Police Department just before midnight and told detectives that he killed his transgender father.

The teen claimed that his father had a sex change to hide his identity because he had “done bad things.”

Police arrested Saur who was “clearly under the influence of some kind of drug,” according to police.

Police went to a camper where Saur had been before he came to the police station and found 28-year-old Patience R. Stewart dead.

The woman had been shot several times in the face.

Police contacted Saur’s father who was alive and well. The father told police that he was worried about his son’s meth addiction.