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Married teacher blackmailed students into having sex by threatening to give them failing grades

By Alexis Bell 5:21 AM November 17, 2017
Yokasta M

A woman lost her job, her family, and her freedom after she was busted for having sex with students.

Police in Colombia were called by a father of a concerned student after he found partially nude photos of the teacher on his son’s phone.

The teacher who was identified as 40-year-old Yokasta M, is accused of grooming her teenage students and threatening to give them failing grades if they did not sleep with her.

Yolasta offered the students who were 16 and 17-years-old to “help with their studies.”

She then invited them to her home in Medellin. She then blackmailed the students into sleeping with her or get failing grades.

The teacher used WhatsApp Messenger to send explicit photos, videos, and messages to her students.

After her arrest, one of the students uploaded all of the graphic photos and videos he received from his teacher to social media.

The photos sent to the teenagers show Yokasta M posing in her underwear or bikinis. In some photos, she covered her private parts with stuffed animals.

After learning about the reason for her arrest, the woman’s husband filed for divorce.

In addition to a divorce, Yokasta now faces 40 years in prison.