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Married university professor arrested for stalking student and 2 firefighters who did not want to be in relationship with her

By Tanya Clark 6:37 AM November 21, 2017
Melissa Ann Santana

A married university professor lost her job after she bullied a student and two firefighters who refused to be in a relationship with her.

36-year-old Melissa Ann Santana of Flagstaff, Arizona, was arrested on five counts of felony stalking and three counts of giving false information to law enforcement.

According to police, the interior design professor, who was a Northern Arizona University professor, created “many different identities, email addresses, social media accounts and temporary telephone numbers to stalk her victims.

In the case of the NAU student, the cyber-stalking began after he met Santana through Craigslist. The student told police that he meet Santana in person, and about one week later when he no longer wanted to see her, she began stalking him on the NAU Facebook page.

The professor began a “smear campaign” on Facebook against the student, saying that he had an STD (sexually transmitted disease.)

Santana also met two firefighters, and when they no longer wanted to see her, she stalked them.

She is accused of keying obscenities into one firefighter’s vehicle and she contacted the second firefighter’s fiancee after the two had consensual sex.

The firefighter admitted that he had sex with the professor at her office in the university and at his home.

According to police, Santana sent a message to the firefighter’s fiancee, asking her to have the victim call her.

“He won’t return my phone calls, I’m pregnant, it’s his. He needs to take responsibility. Thanks,” she wrote in a text message.

She also used the alias Cathy McCarthy and emailed people at the fire station, claiming that one of the two men raped her 15-year-old daughter while heading to a fire.

The claim was taken seriously and police were notified.

However, after a thorough investigation, police determined that all of the claims and harassment suffered by the three victims came from the suspect’s computer.

Santana was arrested and fired from her job.

US Magistrate Judge Charles R. Pyle denied Santana’s bail request, saying that she was a danger to the public. In addition, due to her multiple aliases, she is an obvious flight risk.

If convicted, Santana could face 40 years in prison.