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Mother arrested for putting tracking device on ex-boyfriend’s car and showing up at places to see him

By William Martin 7:57 AM November 24, 2017
Erica Capps

A man became suspicious when his ex-girlfriend kept showing up uninvited to the homes of his female friends while he was there and during shopping trips.

The man of Florida searched his car and found a tracking device under the back bumper.

He called the police who arrested Erica Capps for placing the GPS tracker on the vehicle in order to stalk her ex-boyfriend.

At first, Capps denied being the one who placed the tracking device on the vehicle, but she later admitted that she did so to protect her daughter.

Capps shares an 18-month-old daughter with the victim and the two are in a custody battle. Capps said that she just wanted to make sure her daughter was safe while she was with her father.