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Mother commits suicide 2 days before she was to report to prison for killing her disabled daughter

By William Martin 5:47 AM November 27, 2017
Bonnie Liltz with Courtney

A mother left suicide notes for her family members and her attorney before taking her own life just two days before she was to report to prison for killing her disabled daughter.

57-year-old Bonnie Liltz of Schaumburg, Illinois, had terminal cancer and other ailments and feared that she was going to die without having anyone to care for her profoundly disabled 26-year-old daughter Courtney.

According to her sister Susan, while undergoing treatment, Bonnie had left Courtney at a private facility for handicapped people, but when she returned home, her daughter was filthy and she had a diaper rash.

“It broke Bonnie’s heart to see Courtney like that,” Susan said.

Bonnie gave her daughter, Courtney, pills through her feeding tube and then tried to kill herself by overdosing on drugs.

Courtney died, but Bonnie survived.

She was arrested and later convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Bonnie was ordered to serve 4 years in prison for killing her adopted daughter.

Bonnie adopted Courtney, who had cerebral palsy when she was four years old.

Bonnie began serving her prison sentence, but her attorneys appealed the case and asked the judge to free Bonnie as they feared that she was going to die in prison due to lack of proper healthcare.

After spending less than 5 months of her 4-year sentence, a judge allowed Bonnie to be freed while she appealed her case.

Bonnie has been out of prison for more than a year when the Illinois Supreme Court has denied her request to be freed.

At that point, Bonnie’s attorneys said that they are planning to ask the governor for clemency. They did not seek to overturn her conviction but just set her free so that she can get proper medical treatment.

Meanwhile, Bonnie was ordered to report back to prison to finish serving her prison term. Just two days before going back to prison, Bonnie committed suicide by overdosing on pills.