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Mother helps son beat his ex-girlfriend who confronted him for sending nude photos of her to others

By Emily Lewis 6:10 AM November 5, 2017
Samuel Johnson and Judy Helmandollar

(Scroll down for video) A woman is accused of being a bad mother for not only allowing her son to beat a woman but for encouraging his behavior by joining the fight.

Police were called to a home in Cape Coral, Florida, by neighbors who witnessed the mother beating her son’s ex-girlfriend.

Police arrested 26-year-old Samuel Johnson and his mother, Judy Helmandollar, 55.

According to the Cape Coral police, the victim went to Johnson’s home because she was upset that he sent nude photos of her to other people.

The two went into his bedroom, where they spoke about the matter. At some point, Johnson became violent.

He beat the woman.

He choked her, hit her in the face, and broke her glasses.

When the woman freed herself and ran outside, Johnson and his mother went after her.

Helmandollar is accused of punching the woman and grabbing her by the hair. Johnson broke the victim’s phone in half when she tried calling for help.

A neighbor quickly came to her aid and took her inside their home, where she was safe and called 911.

According to court records, Johnson was never in trouble before, but his mother is not a stranger to the law. She has been arrested in the past for possessing marijuana with intent to sell and probation violation.