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Mother laughs and records 6-year-old son whose backside became stuck in toilet bowl at home improvement retailer

By William Martin 12:29 PM November 20, 2017
Alfie stuck in toilet bowl

A young boy who decided to check out all the new toilets on display at a home improvement retailer in the United Kingdom became stuck in a toilet bowl, according to a video that was uploaded to the Internet.

45-year-old Karen Westmorland and her husband, Marcus, 45, went shopping for a new bathroom at the Better Bathrooms in York.

Their son, Alfie, 6, amused himself by trying to sit on all the different toilets while his parents were deciding on a new bathroom.

Suddenly, Alfie became stuck in one of the toilet bowls.

He called out to his parents who thought that he was just acting silly.

When Marcus tried to remove his son from the toilet, he realized that the child was truly stuck as his backside slid too deep into the bowl.

Karen of Leeds thought the incident was hilarious and she began recording her son.

In the video, Karen is heard laughing as Alfie told her “I want out” and “You killed me.”

Luckily, Marcus was able to twist his son’s body and free him from the toilet before the fire department arrived.

The couple did not buy a new bathroom in the end and went home.

Karen said that a few minutes after she got home, Alfie managed to get stuck in the toilet bowl again.

Apparently, he had not learned his lesson yet.