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Off-duty police officer kills 2 armed robbers at store while holding his baby in his arms

By William Martin 9:07 AM November 22, 2017
Sergeant Rafael Souza holding his son

Two masked men were killed at point blank range by an off-duty police officer who was shopping while holding his baby in his arms.

Store surveillance video of the shooting shows the off-duty police officer firing and killing the two suspects during a raid at a pharmacy in Brazil.

Sergeant Rafael Souza was at the Bifarma pharmacy in Campo Limpo Paulista, Sao Paulo, with his wife and son when the two armed men entered the store.

While the employee was busy attending to the officer’s wife, the two robbers entered to rob the premises.

According to police, one of the suspects, who was identified as 24-year-old Jefferson Alves, pointed a gun at Sgt. Souza. The second suspect was identified as 22-year-old Italo Creato.

Souza said that he identified himself as a police officer but the gunman did not back off and wanted to shoot him. That is when he pulled out his own weapon and shot one of the attackers at point-blank range before pursuing the other man.

The officer’s wife took cover in one of the aisles and walked towards her husband before she reached out to take the baby from him.

Srg. Souza was seen handing over the little boy to his wife before the video cut off.

When emergency workers arrived, both robbers were pronounced dead.