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Officer seen on video shooting his partner with stun gun while trying to arrest suspect who was resisting them

By Alexis Bell 6:25 AM November 30, 2017
Officer Nick on the ground

Police in Ohio released footage from an officer’s body cam, showing the moment he shot his partner.

The two police officers responded to a call of domestic violence in Riverside.

The man was in his car and police pulled him over but he refused to show his identification, police said.

He was ordered to step out of the vehicle, but he resisted arrest. One officer threw the suspect to the ground but he was still struggling to get away from police.

The second officer fired his stun gun to subdue the suspect, but at that moment, the suspect moved and one of the prongs hit the officer who was on top of the suspect.

The video shows that the shot officer fell to the ground in pain.

As the officer was wrangling in pain on the ground, the officer who fired the stun gun called for backup and said that he “got Nick with one prong.”

Officer Nick was taken to the hospital for observation. Riverside police said the officer who deployed the Taser is back at work.