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Pastor shoots home invader in the head to protect his wife and kids

By Emily Lewis 1:27 PM November 23, 2017
Donavan Simmons and Keith Beck with the family

A man in Georgia messed with the wrong family when he broke into the home of a father who owned a legal gun.

Pastor Keith Beck from the Euharlee Baptist Church in Cherokee County heard glass breaking in the basement of his home.

He armed himself with a gun and went to check what was going on.

The pastor was confronted by an intruder and shot in his direction. The pastor then called the police who found 19-year-old Donavan Simmons in the pastor’s backyard with an injury.

He was taken to a hospital, where he was treated before being arrested. In his mugshot, Simmons was seen with a patch over his eye.

Police announced that the pastor will not face any charges as they determined that he was acting in self-defense and was protecting his wife and three daughters who were home at the time.

Simmons, who lives in the same area as the pastor, was charged with burglary, making terroristic threats, and possession of drugs with intent to distribute.