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Pedophile dwarf who groomed girls on Facebook is spared jail because he will have a “hard time” in prison

By Emily Lewis 5:11 AM November 17, 2017
Bryan Anthony Bowen

A dwarf in the United Kingdom was arrested after police learned that he groomed girls on Facebook.

26-year-old Bryan Anthony Bowen of Welshpool, Wales,
contacted two girls on Facebook, sent them obscene messages, and asked for nude photos and videos of themselves.

In one case, he asked a 15-year-old girl if she wanted to have sex with him.

On the day of her 16th birthday, Bowen sent her a message saying: “I will f**k you as your birthday present.”

When the girl reported Bowmen to police, they confiscated his electronic devices and found that he previously contacted a 13-year-old girl on Facebook and sexually harassed her.

Bowen told the girl that she is “fit as f**k” and asked her if she had a boyfriend, according to the prosecutor.

In court, Bowen pleaded guilty to two counts of inciting a child to carry out a sex act. In the plea deal, a charge of harassment was dropped.

Defense attorney Dafydd Roberts urged the judge not to send Bowen to jail but rather to give him a rehabilitation order.

At sentencing, Judge Rhys Rowland said that Bowen was “small in stature and emotionally inadequate” and added that he would have a very “hard time” in prison.

Judge Rowland handed Bowen, who has learning difficulties and went to a special school, a sentence of 48 weeks in prison that was suspended for two years.

Bowen was given a rehabilitation order, which includes a three-month curfew between 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

He also has to register as a sex offender for 10 years.