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Police captain arrested for taking her sex offender husband to events where children attended

By Mason White 6:58 AM November 10, 2017
Captain Tracey Bass-Caine and William Augurson

A police captain was placed on paid administrative leave after she endangered the community by taking her sex offender husband to events where children attended.

Police in North Carolina arrested Fayetteville Police Captain Tracey Bass-Caine on three counts of failure to report a sex offender’s noncompliance.

According to an arrest warrant, Bass-Caine is married to 47-year-old William Augurson, who is a registered sex offender.

The police captain allowed her husband to join her at public events where children attended despite knowing that it was a violation of his sex offender registry restrictions.

According to police, Augurson was at three events including a talent show and an award ceremony. All three events were intended for children from elementary to high school.

Both husband and wife were booked into jail and bond was set at $30,000 each.