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Police officer arrested for stealing prizes from cancer center charity raffle

By Mason White 8:04 AM November 7, 2017
Christopher Masayda

A Connecticut police officer found himself on the wrong side of the law after he stole prizes from a charity event.

Watertown police were called after one of their own was accused of stealing prizes at the charity event to benefit the Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center.

26-year-old Officer Christopher Masayda was also accused of assaulting a person who confronted him about the theft before police were called.

He allegedly tried to break a cell phone that recorded the theft.

Masayda was charged with larceny and breach of peace.

According to police, after his shift, Masayda went to the police department sponsored charity golf tournament, which took place at the Crestbrook Park Golf Course.

As some point, he tampered a raffle and stole prizes, which consisted of a men’s watch and a bracelet.

The prizes, which were donated by a jeweler, were valued at about $595.

A witness took video after seeing Masayda taking a piece of paper from under a raffle prize and folding it.

He then placed the paper inside the jewelry raffle prize bag, picked up the bag and walked away from the raffle area with the prizes.

After seeing the video, organizers confronted Masayda and he handed over the stolen jewelry.

The Watertown Police Department is launching an internal affairs investigation.