Police officer and his wife watch as 20-year-old daughter is strangled to death for dating man they did not like

By William Martin 10:55 AM November 3, 2017
Couple (illustration)

A couple was arrested for allowing a man to strangle their daughter to death for dating a man without their consent.

Police in India, arrested a Delhi police constable and his wife on charges of conspiracy to kill their daughter in the Jhajjar’s Surheti village.

According to police, the couple was upset that their 20-year-old daughter Vandana, who is a nursing student, was in a relationship with a man named Rahul from a neighboring village.

Moni Dev and her husband Vedpal, 48, warned their daughter to stop seeing the man, but she refused.

According to the police report, the couple called the victim’s maternal uncle, 40-year-old Jaswant, to speak to her and convince her to stop seeing the boy.

At some point, Jaswant strangled the young woman in front of her parents. After she died, the family claimed that she committed suicide.

However, police determined that she was killed in an apparent honor killing.

The father who was an Army veteran before joining the Delhi police retired from the force after his arrest.

He and his wife were arrested while the uncle is on the run. All three are facing charges of murder and criminal conspiracy.

Investigating officer sub-inspector Satbir Singh said that during the interrogation, the parents were crying and appeared remorseful.

The couple loved their daughter, gave her a good life and a good education. Both of them repeatedly told detectives that they tried to give everything to their daughter and that the situation was out of their hands.