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Police place horse behind bars for damaging woman’s car

By William Martin 1:10 PM November 15, 2017
Horse in jail

The owner of a horse was surprised when police in Brazil decided to put the animal behind bars for several days because it damaged a woman’s car.

William dos Santos of Nossa Senhora Aparecida said that the incident unfolded on Sunday.

William’s friend asked to take the horse named Faceiro for a stroll on the street.

When the horse approached an intersection, it got startled by a woman’s car.

In response, the horse kicked the woman’s car.

The woman called the police to report that damage.

Police officers who responded to the scene decided to arrest the horse on a charge of criminal damage.

The officers took the horse to the police station and locked the animal in a cell.

When William heard about the arrest, he went to the police station and was shocked to see his horse being kept in a cell like a common criminal.

William asked for permission to feed his horse but his request was denied.

The horse was unable to move in the tiny police cell.

William decided to file a complaint with the animal protection agency.

Chief of police Jonathan Evangelista said that he launched an investigation as it was not standard procedure to detain a horse.

A video of the horse being kept in the jail was uploaded to the Internet.