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Police throw 8 donkeys into jail for eating expensive plants outside prison

By William Martin 11:21 AM November 28, 2017
Donkeys being released from jail

The owner of a donkey herd in India was surprised to learn that police have thrown his animals in jail for eating plants.

Kamlesh of Uttar Pradesh said that he went looking for his 8 donkeys after they disappeared.

He then got a tip that his 8 donkeys were locked up in the Urai district jail.

Kamlesh went to the jail to ask for his donkeys.

Police officer Mishra refused to hand over the donkeys, claiming that they consumed expensive plants that were outside of the jail.

Mishra said that the jail invested $8,000 for the plants only for them to destroyed by the donkeys.

Police revealed that Kamlesh had been warned multiple times to keep his donkeys on his premises but he routinely let them roam around freely.

Finally, after 4 days of detention, police allowed the 8 donkeys to leave the jail.

Police recorded a video, which showed the donkeys walking out of the Urai district jail.