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Prostitute stripped naked and humiliated after breaking into client’s home and robbing him

By Alexis Bell 8:20 AM November 14, 2017
Ifeoma Obi

A group of vigilantes carried out street justice after catching a woman robbing a home.

The vigilantes took video of the incident that occurred in Nigeria and uploaded it to the Internet.

In the videos, the woman who identified herself as Ifeoma Obi of Onitsha admitted that she stole money and expensive wine from the victim’s home.

The men forced Obi to remove all of her clothes to prove that she had nothing hidden underneath them.

The prostitute was then forced to confess to her crime on camera. Obi said that she was hired as a prostitute by the victim several days before the incident.

She said that she came back to the home and waited for the homeowner to leave before she went inside to steal valuables.

In the video, the woman pointed to 6 bottles of wine that were on the homeowner’s bed and she admitted to trying to steal them.

She then showed the men the money, which she said she took from the victim’s shirt pocket that was in his closet.

Armed with the confession, the vigilantes called police and handed over the woman who now faces charges of burglary.