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Prostitute swallows client’s condom to hide evidence during police raid

By Emily Lewis 5:35 AM November 5, 2017
The x ray

A prostitute was jailed for perjury after she swallowed a client’s condom to hide evidence from police.

Police in Taichung, Taiwan, raided a health spa at 9:00 p.m. after receiving a tip that a worker was offering sex for money.

Officers who entered the premises found a man and a woman alone in a room.

The two were interviewed separately. During questioning, the 48-year-old Vietnamese woman denied being a sex worker.

She kept asking for water several times throughout the interview, police said.

Meanwhile, her client, who was identified only as Yao, admitted to the officers that they were in the middle of having sex.

He told the officers that as soon as Dang heard the police approaching, she ripped off the condom and swallowed it.

Officer accompanied Dang to a hospital, where an X-ray revealed the incriminating evidence. Doctors found the condom stuck in her digestive tract.

In court, Dang was convicted of perjury and she was sentenced to two months in prison.