Prostitute who took money from married men refused to perform services and extorted them using Facebook photos of their wives

By William Martin 4:28 PM November 2, 2017
Jade Crawford

A prostitute was arrested after she nearly caused a man to commit suicide by threatening to expose him to his wife.

23-year-old Jade Crawford of Glasgow, Scotland, was arrested for blackmailing married men by threatening to expose their cheating.

Crawford advertised her services on the escorting website, where she used the name “ChantelleEK” according to police.

She was contacted by two men, who were not be identified for legal reasons, and exchanged details via the WhatsApp messaging service.

Crawford asked them men about their personal lives.

The Hamilton Sheriff Court heard that one man told the prostitute that he was not in a non-physical relationship with his wife and regularly used the escort website to meet women for sex at his home in Lanarkshire.

The two arranged to meet, but Crawford did not show up. Instead, she demanded the victim put more money into her account or she will tell his wife about his cheating.

Crawford used Facebook to get photos of the man’s family and sent him the picture of his wife proving that she can carry out her threat.

The man handed over the money and became suicidal. He reached out to Samaritans, an organization aimed at providing emotional support to people in emotional distress, struggling to cope, or at risk of suicide.

They advised him to call the police.

A second victim from Ayrshire also called the police after paying £150 ($200) to Crawford, but instead of performing her services, she threatened to expose him to his wife.

She sent the man a photo of his wife and added the names of his kids. She then asked what she thought about him using the escort website.

Detectives linked both incidents through mobile phone numbers and bank details, and Crawford was arrested.

In court, Crawford pleaded guilty to two counts of extortion. She is now awaiting sentencing.