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Psychiatrist kept mental hospital patient as her sex slave for 3 years

By Emily Lewis 12:47 PM November 13, 2017
D'Anntanette Lee and Ben Hurt

A young man filed a lawsuit against a psychiatrist, doctors, and a director of a mental health facility after allegedly being sexually exploited over a three year period, according to court documents in Illinois.

24-year-old Ben Hurt of Aurora was ordered to spend time at the Elgin Mental Health Center after pleading not guilty by reason of insanity in connection with beating a police officer.

D’Anntanette Lee, who is Hurt’s mother, said that her son was supposed to be in the mental health facility for up to 12 months, but he was kept locked up for three years.

Lee believes that 53-year-old Christy Lenhardt, a psychiatrist at the health facility, intentionally kept him longer in order to be able to have sex with her patient.

Lawyers for Hurt claim that Lenhardt performed every sex act imaginable on their client.

The lawyers said that they obtained evidence of the abuse from emails as Lenhardt send nude photos of herself to Hurt.

The lawsuit also named two additional psychiatrists and the director of the mental health facility for allegedly knowing about the sexual abuse and doing nothing to stop it.

Lenhardt was fired from the Elgin Mental Health Center.

Police launched an investigation into the allegations, but so far, no charges have been filed.