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Rapist jailed 37 years after attacking boy after being placed in holding cell together with victim following domestic violence

By Tanya Clark 9:08 AM November 22, 2017
Gary Mottershead

A father in the United Kingdom was jailed for raping a 6-year-old boy 37 years ago.

50-year-old Gary Mottershead of Greater Manchester was arrested during a domestic incident where he was accused of assaulting his wife.

He was placed in a holding cell with another criminal. One of those criminals, who cannot be named, recognized Mottershead as the man who sexually abused him years ago.

According to court records, Mottershead was 15-years-old when he was paid to babysit the victim, who was just 6 years old.

The abused took place between 1981 and 1983. Mottershead sent the boy’s older sister into her room so that he can be alone with the victim.

He then threatened to harm the child if he shared their “little secret” with anyone. The boy kept the abuse secret for all these years, but when he came face to face with his abuser in the police cell, he could no longer contain himself.

The victim, who is now 43-years-old, told a prison guard and police were called.

In a statement he made later while addressing Mottershead, the victim said: “I have lived with this all my life and I have kept it a secret. The prison was the last place where I expected you to be and I felt I could not get away from that.”

The victim said that he comes from a “respectable” family but due to the abuse and torment he suffered at the hands of the suspect, he turned to a life of drugs, alcohol, and organized crime.

Mottershead denied the allegations made against him, but a jury found him guilty of one count of rape and six counts of sexual assault on a male under the age of 13.

A judge at the Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester pointed out that the incidents occurred when the suspect was a teenager, he has no other sexual offenses on record, and that he worked all his life.

Mottershead, who is a father of 4 children, was sentenced to 6 years in prison.

“Today’s sentence shows that no matter how long it has been since a sexual offense occurred, we take every report seriously and work tirelessly to ensure those responsible face the consequences of their actions,” detective Con. Paul Walls of GMP’s Trafford team said.