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Refugee rapes pony in front of children at a petting zoo

By Alexis Bell 5:17 AM November 13, 2017
Pony (illustration)

Police were called to a zoo in Germany after a witness took a photo of a man raping a pony.

Police arrested a 23-year-old Syrian refugee after he was seen raping the pony at a children’s exhibit in Berlin.

The incident occurred at around 3:00 p.m., on Friday, at the Kinderbauernhof children’s petting zoo in the Gorlitzer Park area.

The man was discovered raping the pony by a babysitter and a child, who were visiting the zoo, which has two ponies, two donkeys, goats, sheep, ducks, chickens, and rabbits.

The horrified woman took a photo of the suspect in the act and immediately contacted the park staff, who called the police.

When the suspect realized they saw him, the young man got off the animal and disappeared into the park.

However, after seeing the photo, the security guards found the man and apprehended him before he was able to leave the park. They then turned him over to the police.

The suspect was banned from the zoo and he now faces charges that include violating the Animal Welfare Act and causing a public nuisance through sexual acts.

He faces up to four years in prison.