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Repairman finds dead baby blocking drain pipes

By Mason White 6:52 AM November 16, 2017
The repairman removing the fetus from the drain

Police in Thailand were called after a repairman found a dead baby blocking drain pipes.

The surprising discovery was made in an apartment complex in Charoen Sin.

The 27-year-old repairman was cleaning the clogged drain when he made the gruesome discovery.

The repairman removed the body from the drain and placed it on a white sheet.

Detectives collected photographic evidence before transferring the body to the Laem Chabang hospital, where an autopsy will be carried out to determine the exact cause of death.

Initial reports suggested that the fetus was between 24 to 28 weeks along when it was abandoned.

It is not yet clear whether the child was born healthy and died or if this was a case of a stillborn.

Police said that they have been able to locate the couple believed to be the parents of the abandoned fetus after receiving several tips from concerned neighbors.

The police are now waiting for the results of the autopsy.