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Restaurant owner named Donald Crump arrested for strangling customer who complained about cold french fries

By Alexis Bell 8:01 AM November 12, 2017
Donald Crump

A restaurant owner was arrested after a customer told police she was strangled by him.

Police arrested 61-year-old Donald Crump, 61, who is the owner of Crumpy’s Hot Wings in Memphis, Tennessee.

Rinesha Moore said that she ordered food from Crumpy’s Hot Wings over the phone.

She was told the food was going to be ready in 25 to 35 minutes, but when she arrived 45 minutes later to pick up the order, the french fries were cold.

Moore said that when she asked Crump for fresh fries, he said “no.” She then asked for a refund but he refused. As she walked away, Moore threw the fries over the counter.

Crump became angry that she disrespected his business. He jumped over the counter and he strangled her.

Three witnesses confirmed the incident and told police that Moore threw food before Crump choked her.

The Memphis Police Department arrested Crump for aggravated assault.

Crump said that he has surveillance video of the incident that disproves Moore’s version of the events.