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Restaurant being run exclusively by HIV-positive staff fills up quickly

By William Martin 6:55 AM November 9, 2017
Staff members

Many people came out to show their support to a new restaurant at which every member of the staff is HIV positive.

A group in Canada is hoping to break misconceptions about the way HIV is transmitted from one person to another.

They are doing so by opening pop-up restaurants that are run exclusively by 14 staff members who are infected with the virus.

Their first location is in Toronto.

After seeing a great deal of success, they want to replicate it in New York City, San Francisco, and London.

The restaurant, called June’s HIV+ Eatery, is serving meals prepared by HIV-positive chefs to dispel any notion that food can spread the virus.

The staff members use aprons with messages such as “Kiss the HIV+ cook,” and “All natural stigma free.”

June’s HIV+ Eatery offered tickets to their restaurant for $98 and all of those sold out in less than two weeks.

The restaurant also offers their limited edition HIV apron for those making a donation of $150 or more.