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Singer killed his father before cutting off victim’s penis and uploading photos of the crime scene on Facebook

By Emily Lewis 12:02 PM November 30, 2017
Carlton Edmondson

A singer and songwriter who claimed that President Donald Trump owes him money is accused of killing his father and mutilating the victim’s body, according to police in Illinois.

Chicago police said that they have arrested 26-year-old Carlton Edmondson after being accused of killing 61-year-old Carl Edmondson.

Carlton has been charged with first-degree murder and violation of an order of protection, which Carl took out against his son.

He was booked into jail and is being held without bail.

According to the police investigation, Carlton had an ongoing feud with his father Carl.

Carl recently requested and received a court order of protection against this son.

Despite the restraining order, Carlton showed up at his father’s house and threw a brick through a window.

Carlton was arrested at the scene and charged with criminal damage.

After Carlton was released from custody, he went to his father’s home and killed him.

Carlton then cut off his father’s penis and took photos of the crime scene.

The victim’s brother attempted to contact Carl and arrived at the victim’s home.

When he saw Carlton in the apartment, he called the police.

Police entered the home located in the 11500 block of South Bishop Street on Saturday and found the victim lying dead in the basement.

There was blood splattered all over and the victim’s skull appeared to be smashed.

Police also found the victim’s severed penis nearby.

Carlton’s defense attorney asked Judge Stephanie K. Miller for a psychiatric evaluation of his client.

Miller ordered the Carlton to be taken to the Cermak Hospital.

Carlton wrote on Facebook that he is seeking $15 million for father’s penis.

He also claimed that President Donald Trump owed him money.

Carlton recently released an album called “Love never felt so good.”