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Son seen smiling in mugshot after hacking off his father’s penis and posing for selfie in bloody clothes

By Mason White 6:55 AM November 30, 2017
Carlton Edmondson

Police were called to carry out a welfare check at a family’s home after a man posed for photos on social media with bloody clothes.

When police arrived, they found a disturbing murder scene.

Police arrested 26-year-old Carlton Edmondson of Chicago, Illinois, on a charge of first-degree murder for killing his 61-year-old father Carl Edmondson.

Police said that the elderly man was granted an order of protection against his son just 5 days before he was found dead and mutilated.

Carl filed for the order after his son hurled a brick through his window.

The victim was found in the basement of his home with his skull bashed in and his penis cut off. There was blood and brain matter splattered all over the floor, walls and the suspect’s clothes, according to police.

After killing his father, Carlton posted selfies on Facebook, showing his blood-stained clothes.

During a bond hearing, Carlton was heard laughing while a prosecutor described the victim’s injuries. When he heard that in addition to murder he was also charged with violating an order of protection, Carlton laughed.

Carlton reportedly said: “The order of protection is gone. He is no longer living.”

People who saw the blood-stained clothes on Carlton’s Facebook page, expressed their anger over his actions.

However, Demonte Smith came to Carlton’s defense and said that the suspect was sexually abused by his father.

“His pops sexually abused him. He needed help not your opinion,” Smith wrote.

His reply made some people angry and they told him that there was no excuse for the murder.

Smith replied: “I never said what he did was right, nobody has the right to take anyone’s life, but this s**t is a delicate situation. He killed his dad bro it’s something inside eating or killing him, he needs help.”

Megan Chanel Lane wrote: “I know him personally he was going through a lot.”