Suicidal man admits to raping 50-year-old woman in hopes she would kill him as revenge

By William Martin 9:51 AM November 3, 2017
Garry "Yusuf" Brand

A man of the United Kingdom was jailed after he tried to commit suicide by rape, according to court records.

Garry Brand pleaded guilty at the Perth Sheriff Court in Scotland to abducting and sexually assaulting the woman while holding a knife to her throat.

He was sentenced to 30 months in prison and was ordered to register as a sex offender for life.

Brand, who converted to Islam and is known as Yusuf, will have to find a new mosque to attend prayer services because he was ordered to stay away from the victim who lives next to the mosque he attended until now.

Brand apologized to the victim for the rape.

Defense attorney John McLaughlin said Brand had told a doctor earlier that he was feeling suicidal but he was not treated for it.

“Looking back, he realizes this was a huge mistake and entirely the wrong way to deal with the problem,” McLaughlin said about his client.

According to court records, the two knew each other before Brand invited the 50-year-old woman to his home.

Brand spoke about the fact that he was losing his job as a security guard and asked the woman to kill him.

When she refused to carry out his request, the suicidal man took out a knife, placed it to the woman’s neck and forcefully raped her. He also covered her mouth so nobody heard her screams for help.

Brand told police that he hoped the woman was going to kill him as revenge after he raped her.