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Teacher placed duct tape on mouths of 13 students to keep them quiet

By Emily Lewis 1:28 PM November 8, 2017
Duct tape (illustration)

A group of students in Texas were checked out by a nurse after their teacher put duct tape on their mouths to keep them quiet.

The incident unfolded on Wednesday at the Maxdale Elementary School in Killeen.

The substitute teacher came into the fifth-grade classroom and tried to get students to be quiet.

When they did not listen, the teacher placed duct tape on the mouths of 10 students.

She then forced 3 additional students to put duct tape on their mouths.

Students told the principal that the duct tape was left on their mouths for 15 minutes.

All 13 students are around 10 years old.

One of the students, Carmello Brooks, told his mother that when he ripped off the duct tape from his mouth, the teacher put it back.

The 13 students were checked out by the school nurse who confirmed that nobody was injured.

The teacher was immediately fired and was banned from returning to campus.

The principal notified child protective services about the abusive incident.